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Project History

We began to conduct oral history interviews with feminist psychologists in 2004. The project started with the aim of collecting and preserving the narratives of those who had helped establish the field, but we gradually expanded our scope to include feminist psychologists from subsequent generations who relate to feminism in diverse ways. We began to envision how to make this material accessible to scholars and educators, and developed the idea of a multimedia digital archive where we would showcase not only the interviews but also the lives and careers of both women in psychology's past and today's feminist psychologists. To date, we have conducted over 120 interviews, written about 250 profiles, produced a documentary, and developed timelines, bibliographies, and teaching resources. The site was launched in August, 2010 and has been made possible by ongoing funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through grants to the Project Director, Alexandra Rutherford. To read more about Project Members and their roles, see About Us.