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The Changing Face of Feminist Psychology

The Changing Face of Feminist Psychology is a 40-minute video that uses archival material and interviews with feminist psychologists to chart the historical emergence of feminist psychology in the United States. It addresses the questions: "Where did the field of feminist psychology come from?  What were the intellectual, social, and political contexts from which it emerged?  What were some of the feminist critiques of psychology? What issues have animated feminists in psychology, then and now?  Importantly, how has feminism changed psychology?" 


"As a pedagogical tool in the feminist classroom, it seems particularly useful as a well-grounded political and personal introduction to the field. The film’s narrative traverses the landscape of interviewees’ experiences with their own feminist consciousness, professional discrimination, establishing an organized feminist presence, intersectionality, work-life balance, and current concerns for feminist psychology. It touches upon these key and complex areas succinctly, while effectively situating them within broader sociopolitical goings-on." - Rachel Liebert, Films for the Feminist Classroom