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Feminist Presence

Each of the psychologists in this section of the site has made important contributions to feminist psychology. Feminist psychology emerged as a distinct area of research and practice in the 1970s.  Although many psychologists made feminist contributions before this time, the field was formalized in the wake of second wave feminism.


All of these psychologists enact feminist values in their lives and work in different ways. What they have in common is an explicit commitment to using psychology to understand and improve the lives of women and girls of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, and socioeconomic levels. We invite you to explore their stories by clicking on Profiles on the left side of this page or use the Search function to locate a specific psychologist.  A Timeline and Resources on the history of feminist psychology are also available. Photo credits for all photos appearing at the Feminist Presence section of the site are listed at the Credits page.



Feminists form Division 35, now the Society for the Psychology of Women

Feminists form Division 35 of the American Psychological Association in 1973,

now the Society for the Psychology of Women.