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Women Past

Each of the women featured in this section of the site has made important contributions to psychology.  Not all of these women would have considered themselves feminists, and some were in fact explicitly opposed to a feminist agenda within psychology.  We have decided to include as many women from psychology's past as possible because the presence of women in psychology's history has for too long been obscured in traditional accounts.  Wherever possible, we have also included the location of the psychologists' archived papers to encourage further historical scholarship.


Most of the women in this section received their doctorates before or during the 1950s. Although the site is currently limited to the history of women psychologists in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, we are working to expand the scope to include women pioneers from all over the world. To explore their stories, click on Profiles on the left hand side of this page, or use the Search function to locate a specific psychologist.  A Timeline and Resources about the history of women in psychology are also available. Photo credits for all photos appearing at the Women Past section of the site are listed at the Credits page.